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100 Jahre R+V Versicherung Veranstaltung
100 years of R+V Versicherung

#MissionMiteinander and Future Festival

R+V wants to give something back to society and is providing funding of €1.6 million to support innovative projects that promote the common good

R+V Versicherung is marking its centenary, not only by celebrating this milestone but also by giving something back to society. It is therefore devoting itself to various social causes – ranging from environmental and climate action to healthcare – and supporting projects that offer solutions to these fundamental problems. To this end, R+V is providing total funding of €1.6 million. R+V’s #MissionMiteinander [#MissionTogether] initiative aims to make the world that little bit better. The slogan “Du bist nicht allein” [you are not alone] is thus being translated into concrete action.

The centenary year was launched on January 14, 2022 by R+V’s Chief Executive Officer Norbert Rollinger and TV journalist Dunja Hayali, who perfectly embodies this slogan according to R+V. Hayali is a long-standing supporter of the fight against racism and will play a role in other events of R+V over the course of the year.

R+V, the insurance partner of the cooperative banks, is not only looking back but also looking forward in its anniversary year. At its Future Festival event in September 2022, renowned experts and selected ‘future-builders’ will tackle the question of how we want to live in the future and what we need to do now in order to make that happen. A study of the future is also part of the festival and is being prepared by respected analyst Prognos on behalf of R+V. The study focuses on 2040, asking which megatrends will determine our future and finding out how people imagine the future. R+V is thus already thinking ahead to the next 100 years.