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Success and strength through collaboration

The DZ BANK Group is the second-largest banking group in Germany and thus an important partner for the country's real economy. Even in challenging conditions, it is able to maintain its income thanks to the stability of its capital ratios, a broadly diversified funding base, and a high-quality portfolio. Rating agencies recognize this, awarding it one of the best ratings in the EU banking market (issuer credit rating).

Our recipe for success: Our customers – cooperative banks and corporate customers – benefit from the full complement of financial and insurance solutions that the DZ BANK Group can offer either directly or indirectly as a financial services group. Another plus point is the strong community of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial network, of which we are an integral part. After all, the cooperative banks are not only our most important customers but also our owners. Working together, we have achieved an impressive market share of more than 32 percent for savings deposits, more than 20 percent for customer deposits overall, and more than 22 percent for customer loans. This is what we call 'Shaping success together'.