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Jugendliche lernen gemeinsam digital
Deutschland im Plus

Additional digital education offerings

The focus of the foundation established by TeamBank was on digitalization and expansion of financial literacy offerings in 2021

Deutschland im Plus, an independent charitable foundation, was established by TeamBank in 2007 and strives to improve financial literacy among young people. In 2021, the foundation’s work focused on digitalization and on expanding educational opportunities. For the first time, instructors from Deutschland im Plus provided at least half of their students with online teaching. As a recent addition, the foundation now offers project days that are recommended by Bavaria’s Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

The pilot project ‘Sorglos in den Ruhestand’ [worry-free retirement] resulted in the launch of a new online format for people aged 55 and older, while the financial planning app ‘Mein Budget – Ausgaben im Griff’ [my budget – getting a grip on spending] was updated. As well as boosting financial knowledge, the foundation supports supports research into debt problems, such as the iff debt report, and teams up with debt advisors to offer a low-threshold service for people who find themselves in debt.

With support from the cooperative financial network, the Deutschland im Plus foundation intends to continue championing better financial literacy for young people going forward.