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Union Investment Foundation

Coronavirus support in the region

The foundation is helping people in need in the Rhine-Main region through StreetAngel e.V. and the Frankfurt food bank

It is always important to support and be there for one another, but not least during times of crisis. In recent months, the Union Investment Foundation has been supporting StreetAngel e.V. and the Frankfurt food bank in order to help people in need in the Rhine-Main region during the coronavirus crisis. The aim is help to improve the situation of those affected at this challenging time. StreetAngel e.V. provides homeless people and others in need with regular meals, clothing, and hygiene products. The Frankfurt food bank hands out food to people who need it.

The foundation also supports concerts at the Alte Oper concert hall in Frankfurt, thereby helping the city’s musicians to get back to performing live. Another project receiving support is ‘Stiftung KlimaWirtschaft — German CEO Alliance for Climate and Economy’, a foundation in which the CEOs of the participating companies get involved in the foundation’s activities directly and support the cause of preventing global warming of more than 2°C.

As part of the cooperative financial network, Union Investment feels a sense of duty to foster the values of partnership, solidarity, and pragmatism. Since its establishment as a foundation with legal personality in 2000, the Frankfurt-based Union Investment Foundation has therefore been supporting projects that promote its five objectives: education, research and science, culture and the arts, charitable endeavors, and environmental protection and conservation.