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Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall

Ensuring sustainable homes

Schwäbisch Hall is the largest building society and one of the leading home finance providers in Germany. Through its core business, the company can make a direct contribution to sustainability as housing stock is a key area of action for the climate transition. Buildings account for at least 30 percent of carbon emissions in Germany, so there is huge potential here to make progress in combating climate change.

Schwäbisch Hall drew up a dedicated sustainability strategy entitled ‘Ensuring sustainable homes’ in 2023. The strategy focuses on five areas of action: strategy, regulation, market development, business operations, and communications and society.



Schwäbisch Hall offers products, services, and advice to help with the transition to more climate-friendly homes. It provides finance for modernization of existing housing stock and the construction of energy-efficient new homes, as well as special finance and home savings products with advantageous interest rates. The home experts in the company’s sales force offer professional advice. More than half of them are certified advisors and provide customers with guidance on energy efficiency improvements.

Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall published a Green Bond Framework in 2023 and successfully placed its first green mortgage Pfandbrief in the capital markets at the start of 2024. The green Pfandbrief is an attractive option for investors as it contributes to the decarbonization of their own portfolios. Moreover, a Pfandbrief issued by a building society offers a high level of security thanks to the broad diversification and low risk of the cover pool. With its green bond, Schwäbisch Hall is reiterating the ambitions set out in its sustainability strategy and, at the same time, increasing its resilience in the market.




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